The computer is unable to establish two-way communication with the Device

You might encounter the error "The computer is unable to establish two-way communication with the device" when trying to view estimated ink levels from the HP Printer Toolbox.

Here are the simple steps that I performed for my printer to overcome this error.

1. Click start, settings, printers and faxes.
2. Right-click Deskjet 5550c and select Properties.
3. Click the "Ports" tab.
4. Check mark the "Enable Bidirectional Support" option.
5. Under print to following ports option, check mark the USB00X (X=0, 1, 2..) Virtual
printer port for USB HP deskjet 5550c.
6. Click OK.

Aleternatively, you can check the solutions published solution1, Solution2 but this does not help as I do not use any of the mentioned antivirus programs, A third-party firewall program is blocking the HP PML Driver service. Unblock the service by following the instructions for your firewall program below.

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  1. I installed the software for a HP L7780 All-In-One printer while following generally the procedure you outlined at Although I get the HP Solution Centre to pop up now, it actually is not fully functional: thus I cannot send a fax via the computer, I cannot read ink levals from the computer, I cannot run a fax test from the computer although it runs ok from the printer panel..and by the way I have checked "enable bidirectional support" in Ports for the Printer folder. When installing the software, at the point I was aksed to plug in the usb cable, when I did so, the installation program did not recognize that fact.

  2. ours is HP deskjet D2600 series....
    i followed your direction but it still... it didn't work.

  3. Mine Printer used to work properly, the only thing I have misplaced is the USB cable which originally came with the printer, I had bought a USB cable from the shop nearby, it still used to work, but now suddenly died.

    Can any1 help solve this problem?

  4. I am having a difficult time trying to get a two way communication between my laptop and printer D110a

  5. That didn't do anything @@

  6. I have HP Deskjet D2568 and this solution doesnt help fix the problem!